Parameters [Eyes of purification by Mirosław Bałka]


light and sound intervention

200 x 200 x 70 cm

steel, video projection, sound

For the Ganz new perforations performance festival in 2020, an intervention was made in practically abandoned, not functional sculpture Eyes of Purification by Mirosław Bałka, a part of Museum of contemporary art in Zagreb collection. Positioned and built at the entrance plateau of the museum in 2009, it consisted the element of falling water and the atmosphere of its powerful sound in the concrete made pavilion. Since a decade almost passed from the moment when the management of the museum has closed the water due to lack of interest and finances for maintenance, the piece not only has lost its crucial element, but it became a dark and ugly place, used as public toilette by some individuals, abandoned.
In production with non-government organisation Domino project and their Ganz new perforations performance festival, the intervention was performed in two phases. First was cleaning and removal of the graffiti – purification. Second was loud sound (DUNO) along with video intervention which temporarily replaced the missing element of water and it’s noise in the concrete body of the sculpture, activating the space and the management of the Museum regarding the state of it’s collection.

Ganz nove perforacije festival, Zagreb, 2020.

photo: © Vladimir Novak