spatial installation

Φ 11 m, variable lenght

rope, nylon webbing, lycra, aluminium carabiner

”By closing the communication space of the PM Gallery and the Bačva Gallery, Novak’s interactive installation was inspired by the dark, threatening and overwhelming reminder of the passage of life. In the center of the fabric there is a black rope that falls to the ground and allows the visitor to pull the sculpture into a conical shape and thus enter into a dialogue with the architecture of the building. At the symbolic level, the rope likewise invokes the confrontation with the inevitable black gravitational force that we in the fear of silence call the death.”

Sara Mikelić

*Creations inside the circle, Kontura art magazine #141, 2018.

Meštrović pavillion, Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb, 2018.

photo: © Zvonimir Ferina