In/Out of line [≈ 30 steps in balance]


spatial installation

40 x 30 x 110 cm, variable lenght

steel, polyamid, naylon webbing, stepper-electromotor, Arduino Uno

In the context of 34th Youth salon – Panoptikon, work ≈ 30 steps in balance was conceived as spatial installation that reflected in it’s character the variability and unpredictability of the conditions and opportunities in which artists are more or less like walkers on a slackline, balancing between multiple roles atists have to rule, besides the role of an author, in order to stay (survive) in the game. By imagining walk on the slackline from one side of the gallery space to another, I stretch the material as a visualisation of the insecure and changing conditions required for the successful outcome.
The variability of the movement of the installation is conditioned by the impulse generated by electro-mechanical system that in the (non)regular and random time intervals and speeds changes the tension of the slackline, thus making the empty space of the gallery constantly redefined.

AŽ Galerija, Atelieri Žitnjak, 2021.

photo: © Zvonimir Ferina